Truitt documentary on DVD


Jem Cohen's twenty-minute documentary Anne Truitt: Working, which was shown at the Hirschhorn Museum's 2009 survey of Truitt's work, has been included on the DVD of Museum Hours, Cohen's award-winning feature film.

Anne Truitt: Working consists of an interview with the artist and 16-mm footage made in and around her studio at Yaddo artist colony, as well as footage from her studio in Washington, D.C. Cohen says, “I was honored to know Anne Truitt, and doubly so when she allowed me to make a short record of her presence and thoughts. I felt as if she opened her hand and showed, in a profound but down-to-earth way, the compass by which she navigated."

With a release date of December 2013, the Museum Hours DVD with Anne Truitt: Working will be available on Amazon.