Yield: The Journal of an Artist


By Anne Truitt
Foreword by Rachel Kushner; Preface by Alexandra Truitt


Yield: The Journal of an Artist is Anne Truitt’s intimate record of her life from the winter of 2001 to the spring of 2002, two years before her death at age 83. Celebrating the artist's centenary, this posthumously published work serves as the fourth and final volume in her remarkable series of journals: Daybook (1982), Turn (1986), and Prospect (1996).


In Yield, Truitt writes about her studio practice, friendships and losses, and personal experiences of aging, as well as her thoughts on writers, artists, and world events. Her unflinching honesty is on display as she contemplates her place in the world and comes to terms with the intellectual, practical, emotional, and spiritual issues an artist faces in reconciling her art with her life, even as that life approaches its end. Yield illuminates a life and career in which the demands, responsibilities, and rewards of family, friends, motherhood, and grandmotherhood are accepted, together with those of a working artist.


Clothbound, 216 pages
eBook edition also available


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